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When it comes to re-roofing, there are many questions homeowners have to deal with. So many choices to select from, such as, color, shingles, metal, treated cedar shakes, or non-treated cedar shakes. Sometimes, choosing the right materials can be a headache but they are major facts in your re-roofing experience.

There are a wide variety of roofing products on the market today. The performance selection varies from good, better, and the best. You also have warranties ranging from 20, 30, 40 years, or a lifetime.

Roof slopes are also important when choosing the roof materials because it could limit the choice of the products that can be used. A roof slope below 2/12 should never have shakes or shingles installed over it. However, metal or a special waterproofing membrane like EPDM may be used. (Heavy snow will remain on a flat roof for a very long time during the winter.)

Choosing a professional roofing contractor is the most important decision you have to make, since your roof investment will depend on the installation techniques. Homeowners should select a reliable and stable roofing company with a substantial amount of experience and years in the business.

When looking for the right roofing company, ask your local hardware and building material suppliers for good referrals. They are always the best place to start.

A fully insured roofing contractor is important since the homeowner can become liable if any workers are injured. Always ask for the right proof of insurance. This allows protection on yourself and your home while work is in progress and after completion, in case the job has ended in a faulty roof.

A roofing contractor should also provide you with the following:

  • written estimates
  • proposal showing a list of materials
  • cost of the project
  • start & end date
  • work details
  • workmanship guarantee.

Our written guarantees are usually for 3-5 years with a free once a year roof inspection, while warranties last.

If you are thinking about re-roofing your home or are having roofing problems and you're not quite sure what to do, don't make any costly mistakes! Let us help you choose the right roofing materials and procedures, so your home can stand up to severe weather.